“Here comes the rain.” I know, I’ll probably be saying that the rest of my days in LA. I spent 3 years in the El Paso desert, 2 in Oklahoma during a drought & now I live in the perma-swamp. Really, I welcome rain, because otherwise I would never get anything done (am an outdoor type of gal).

Let me spill over a couple of headlines for ya from today’s Times-Picayune, which magically appeared in my driveway this morning (no I didn’t take someone else’s):

1. “Democrats Propose NO teacher incentives.” Looks like The President will be in town today. If you read this Mr. President, come on over for a cup of coffee at my house so we can shoot the breeze. How about overhauling the management of the Teach NOLA website & the application process? That will save NOLA a pretty penny. The schools do need some serious work & teacher retention is a problem, so more $$$ from the federal guvment is necessary so dollars can be mismanaged on a larger scale. Got it?

2. “Parish extends FEMA trailer permits.” I think this may include “No Trailer Left Behind.” Just joshing, but people who legitimately need FEMA trailers have my personal blessing to stay in them until their houses are ready to move into! common sense

3. “Americans have duty to help NO, Powell tells Tulane crowd.” Man, I missed Colin in town. Wish he would run for President in 08 – I luv him! He is talking about volunteers NOLA, not more federal dollars! He also brushed on “don’t ask don’t tell” (which I think is fine for males in the military). Then on to the war in Iraq – well, we know how he feels about that…don’t we?

4. “I-12 truck wreck ties up commute.” This was a huge mess yesterday, traffic on the Northshore is already a huge problem. Good thing I did my errands in the AM!