Kiss My Gumbo was born, January of 2007, as we had just moved from our last duty station in Oklahoma, to our new forever home, North of Lake Pontchartrain. I jumped into the Milblog (Military Blog) scene with the creation in 2004 of “Hooah Wife (now Hooah Wife & Friends),”  but needed a separate place to talk about the new chapter in our civilian lives. This blog became so popular, it was carried on NOLA.com for a couple of years, documenting my many “firsts.” Today it is my “free therapy” or my place to talk about local issues. 

Hubby and I both grew up in MA and met at the University of Florida during graduate school. We both had a love of warm weather and water. When he was transitioning out of the military, looking for a forever spot to raise our family, the New Orleans area came up in the mix. I only drove through the area once with him, but saw it had everything we wanted. We made the right decision and now call ourselves, “Yankees by birth, Southerners by choice.” We love living in the greater New Orleans area and don’t see ourselves leaving anytime soon!

Our home is filled with love and fur: my husband of almost 24 years and 3 children, ages 22 (LSU Law), 20 (LA Tech), and 18, 2 dogs and 2 cats. My days are spent trying to get in workouts, walking the dogs, enjoying good times with friends and family, weekend home project warrior and running my 7 year old website and graphic design/branding business Kickify