My Dad, Sherman Marcus December 10, 1928 – January 8, 2012

For the last 6 months of his life, my Dad gave me a gift, he allowed me to become his caregiver. Through my writing, I documented this journey. Along the way and since his passing, I have been overwhelmed with support from both friends and strangers who came here for one reason or another. My Dad continues to give by allowing me to share his story with the world. Below is the entire collection of posts I wrote.

Alzheimer’s, Dad and Becoming a Caregiver
Alzheimer’s: Keeping Busy and Stimulated
Music, Alzheimer’s & My Dad
Sundowners Syndrome, Sleep & Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s: Medical Equipment & Assistive Devices
Brains, moods and Alzheimer’s
Pets and Alzheimer’s
You Just Have to Laugh!
Alzheimer’s: The Man in the Mirror
Alzheimer’s Caregivers: Dad’s Help Kicks Ass
Alzheimer’s: Fixations & Reality Blurring
Alzheimer’s: Recalling Names and Faces
Alzheimer’s, Dementia: Holiday Calls and Visits
Alzheimer’s: Not Quite Ready for Hospice
10 Things I Have Learned About Alzheimer’s
The Zaydeh Zone
Alzheimer’s and Houdini Magic
Hospice, Dying and Smiles
Memories Linger On Forever
Caregiver Void