~The Northshore is NOT NOLA
~ The news loves to focus on the crime in NOLA (better headlines)
~ Every person in LA has been changed because of Katrina
~ I feel very safe here
~ St Tammany has an excellent school system
~ this is a great place to raise a family
~ take everything you read with a grain of salt
~ there are plenty of people here that take responsibility for themselves
~ public housing is an issue that might need to go away – forever from NOLA (go ahead – beat me up)
~ free market is alive and well – you can make $8.75 an hour at McDonalds
~ LA poltics on the state level are far different from those of the Parish level
~ No town wants to become a permanent haven for FEMA trailers
~ come here and visit – see for yourself. Your pre-conceived notions & images burned in your brain will disappear!