My name is Greta and I have this little problem, after 2 minutes I feel like I know and trust a person. People often open up to me for some strange reason (my hubby laughs at that). Is this a bad thing? Well, ya, probably, because my kids see & copy me and I let my guard down immediately. Let’s put it this way, I grew up in MA & when you got on the bus, train or in an elevator, you kept your eyes looking straight forward after a faint smile or a nod. The South (FL excluded) brings a completely different attitude, which I just adore. If you get in an elevator or go just about anywhere here, you will actually get to know something about the person next to you within 2 minutes. If you saw Borat, you saw the NY attitude when he tried to hug and kiss the people on the subway. I wonder what would have happened if the same scene was done on a bus in LA? For the record, I love the people here, the attitudes, the warmth.