I have had a few friends in various parts of the US, find themselves recently unemployed. My first response, “Come here, tons of jobs.” Their response, “Are you kidding Greta?”

There is no “perfect” place in the world that doesn’t have drawbacks. Every place in the world offers something undesirable: crime, bad weather from time to time, bad people, warped politics, state problems, education problems, tax problems, insurance problems…yadayadayada

We have lived here 3 months now and it feels like we have lived here our whole lives. Doesn’t that mean something? It is what you make of it, but when the wonderful people are already here, entertainment is available every second, food is a-plenty and you don’t go out in public without getting waves and making conversation, you feel at home!

So if you find yourself in need of a change, my personal recommendation is to give the Northshore of New Orleans a chance. It isn’t the city, it isn’t a stuffy suburb, it is a community that sucks you in and embraces you if you allow it to do so. You can commute to New Orleans like many folks from the Northshore do and your family can enjoy a wonderful place to live, raise children, go to school, shop & dine.

Please don’t let too many people in on this little secret, we don’t want everyone to move here!

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