I just got a very lengthy e-mail from a gentleman that wants to take the plunge and relocate his whole family to this land of opportunity. I’ll write more about this later as I’ve got to go get the rugmonsters ready for school. Here are the items I asked this family to consider before taking the Northshore plunge. And hey REALTORS, if you were smart, you’d take out an AD on my site – hint hint. I am getting direct hits on moving to NOLA!!!

1. Schools – d’uh. Do your kids have any special needs or interests? Public vs. private (I am a huge fan of public schools – esp. here).
2. Commute – where do you have to drive every day?
3. Home Owners associations – some charge BIG time. Positives & negatives to this one.
4. Fixer-upper or move-in ready???
5. Square foortage – minimum & maximum you can deal with, land requirements, do you want to park your trailer & boat on your property???
6. INSURANCE – yep – major consideration – sorry to say. You could end up literally paying 2 mortgages a month with some of these rates!