“You have to go to Jazzfest, it is the best.”
“Don’t miss the French Quarter Festival, it is the best.”
“You have to go to the Bacchus Ball, it is the best.”

To be honest, my family needs a day at home (I may be regretting that statement when they all wake up). We have tons of yard work to do and (gag-choke) housework. The weather is fabulous and we desperately need to put in a shed. Next weekend I will be out of town & it looks like my whole fam damily will remain Jazzfest virgins until next year.

I did Mardi Gras, the Bacchus Ball, 11 parades, 3 crawfish boils, the French Quarter Festival – all in 3 months time. How does anyone get any work done around here? This place is too much fun!!!! I’m sure Jazzfest is the “best” and everyone who attends will have a fabulous time. I guess sometimes we need to put aside our entertainment habits and do the ugly necessities in life. I’ll be humming Jazz songs as I wander through the hell that is called Wal-Mart to buy much needed groceries today!

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