This is pretty much going to stay a “warm & fuzzy” blog. Well, I want to spread my “pay it forward warm fuzzies” to everyone. My life before arriving in Louisiana had been that of an active duty spouse. Now that hubby os retired and I don’t live near a military base, I still will remain active in the military community.

Anyhoo, the purpose of this post is to spread a little military love! I got an e-mail from the One MIllion Thanks Project today. This project was started by a high school student and is making a difference in the lives of our soldiers. If you have 5 minutes to spare or want to organize a class or group of yours to write a few letters to thank a soldier – it would be most appreciated. The website will tell you the local drop-off points to take your letters. So simple & yet will truly make a difference.

*** Please thank our men & women in uniform when you see them. If they are buying a coffee at Bucky’s or PJ’s…please pay for their coffee. A little warm fuzzy can go a long way!

I have many other military related causes that I will continue to support & share with my readers over time. Right now I have to go buy a baby & mommy gift for the wife of a severely wounded soldier that I will meet in DC Friday night. Hooah & I LOVE LEWSIANA!

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