Heading out to DC for the weekend. Promise to blog when I get there, but figure Friday morning I will be shoving last minute stuff in my suitcase and chugging coffee while leaving the household in dad’s capable hands. This is the 2nd Milblog Conference. Last year was amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

The Pentagon planned their press release in a timely fashion for this gathering. You see, they just put the muzzle on active duty milbloggers and so many of the original bloggers who blogged from the front-line will be there. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say in person. I’ve already read their blogs so I get the idea they think this was a dumb move.

I also hope to get a trip to WRAMC while there and hope my heart can take it all. Last year the milbloggers raised a ton of money for a wonderful cause called Project Valour-IT. We give soldiers with lost limbs voice activated computers. I t is an amazing cause! love soldiers, their families, the people that support them and the camaraderie and patriotism. I probably could never do justice to that feeling. But let me tell you, the group I am meeting with do so much more than put a yellow ribbon on their car. These are people that eat, breathe & sleep the military in one way or another.

I also get to meet up with so many friends, both virtual and from real “in-person” life. My roomie is my former neighbor from 10 years ago and a former officer and West Point grad. I don’t mind being the dumb one in this crowd since the bar is set so high!

Also shining up my tiara to meet 5 of my dearest virtual/on-line & true friends from the Cotillion. HOOAH everyone! Please thank a veteran or soldier in uniform for their service!

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