Since we moved here in January, #2 son has been talking about the “Mini Society.” This is a program that Manville Elementary 3rd grade runs, where kids have positions, elect officials, make and spend money and do all sorts of activities that I can’t get out of my son. You know the deal, what was special about school today? The answer is usually: nothing, recess was fun or we had beignets for breakfast.

Let me try and explain Market Day. The children had to pick a product or service to sell for one hour. They could not spend more than $10 in “real money.” They had to pay their parents in their society money (my son’s was called Bling Blings). Then they marketed their product, set up booths, set their prices and sold their wares. My son and his buddy grew herbs and put them in Dixie cups. They were sold out within a half hour and then they got to shop. I had $50 in Bing Blings to spend, and I left with a whole shopping bag of stuff. There was: a homemade kid movie burned on to CD’s, jewelry, clay animals, homemade pillows, tennis ball babies, photos taken by the students, Saints & LSU stuff, decorated headbands…the list was endless! The kid offering massages was about the funniest thing!

Now to crack me up even more, a few smarties created “black market booths.” They bought up the items everyone really wanted and re-sold them for a higher price. I couldn’t stop laughing about this and you gotta give them credit for coming up with a concept like that all on their own!
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