I love love love baked brie. Trader Joe’s makes a great one, but there isn’t a TRADER JOE’S HERE! So here I am, at the Farmer’s Market, conducting an interview with John Demers of Demur’s Fine Tea and there is a really nice lady selling her gourmet food. I met her and her sidekick daughter before and had to sample her yummy stuff once again. Company was coming that afternoon – and I certainly wouldn’t want to subject them to my cooking so…you guessed it…I bought 2 bries – “bourbon caramel, pecan” and sun dried tomato basil parm.

Give Tammy of Fidel’s “Northern Kitchen” Varieties LLC a call (985)626-8468 if you are entertaining and want something the guests can rave about! Also, if you would like to come over for a swim – I take brie and beer as an entry fee!