You guessed it – we saw Ratatouillie today. I decided to pay a little more for a matinee and go to the stadium seats at Hollywood theater in Covington. I did advanced purchase at Why doesn’t the dang theater sell their own tix on-line? I print up the tix and low & behold – I’ve got Transformers tix. I called Fandango and I can’t swear it was their error – I hadn’t had enough coffee yet..but they kindly refunded those tix and I purchased the correct ones. Worth the extra $1 per ticket as we were seeing the 12:35 movie and the box office doesn’t open until 12:15 . Can you say “huge line?”595×100_ratatouille.gif
If you are going to spend money for a movie this summer – this was great. I love PIXAR – no adult overtones that my 10yo picks up on! Phew! Next week…Harry Potter at the O’Neil I-MAX – already bought them on-line!!!