* I’m canceling our Disney vacation and am planning on opening my own theme park in the backyard. “Squirrel World” could be the next theme park craze. I’ll create a cute little fuzzy squirrel mascot, charge admission to my backyard and let the world view all the little buggers who are feasting on my dang FIG TREE!!! Maybe I’ll supply shotguns too.

* I got an e-mail from the owner of International Cafe’ to stop by for a cup of coffee and a French pastry. My 11 yo got to go with me. I Googled it, looked in the phone book, drove around, stopped and asked for directions, called my friend for ideas…by-gosh…I was determined to find it! Well, turns out it is hidden and has several names. It is off hwy 22 and Heavens Road and is a building tucked behind the front building and is called Speak Easy Center – Foreign Language Center & International Cafe’. My point – FIND IT!!! Brigitte & Beatrice (real women from France), offer multiple language classes there, they have several instructors for various languages, they teach all ages and they run the coolest little coffee, pastry and lunch cafe’ around.

My son & I were late and missed the favorite – apricot pocket (we’ll be back to get one this week). Instead we both enjoyed a latte’, I got a chocolate pocket and son got the apple turnover. Honestly, this was one of the best cups of coffee I have had in a long time and it didn’t cost me my first born! The lunches look dee-lish too! Practice your grade school French & tell Brigitte & Beatrice that Greta sent you!

* to get a glimpse of my time in Baton Rouge on Saturday for Operation America Rising click here for my first slideshow and You Tube posting ever!