1. bring in superheroes to fight crime – don’t we all wish
2. put mom’s with budgets in charge of the entire state for one year – volunteer only – that way there won’t be corruption!!!
3. put ALL publicly elected officials on political paid leave for one year in exchange for hands-on ground work. They could lead clean-up efforts, become citizen police, teach classes, pass out beads at the airport…yadayadayada
4. take all publications and websites that are trying their darndest to organize this state and provide good resources and positive news and merge them!
5. get a huge eraser and erase all the bad news crime and corruption stories!
6. demolish what can’t be fixed and start encouraging neighborhood pride awards and grants!
7. create a positive LA good-will ambassador program for ALL ages! Start this in the school systems very early (esp. troubled schools).
8. make additional prisons out of FEMA trailers & PODS & keep criminals in there!!!
9. create a tourist/local super website with a master calendar for the entire state with venue options – ex. Northshore, July 28th, family-friendly, music – and BINGO – it shows up!
10. create a tourism & convention “dream planning” center. Based of the model of Disney! Call in if you want help and we will plan your entire vacation or convention!!!
11. Stop wasting money and asking for more. Nobody like a whiner!!!!