No, I am not talking about Soldiers’ Angels for once, but about Guardian Angels. But hey – angels in Louisiana are needed for both!!!

I was listening to the Andre Trevigne show on Tuesday and had the pleasure of hearing about the New Orleans Guardian Angels. I have to admit, that in my mind, they were a nuisance and were more of a problem than a help. I had associated them with, dare I say, white supremacy for some reason too (UGH). From my earliest days of watching the news, I remember seeing a couple of people in red berets and thought of them as angry and little bit screwy in the head too. I plead ignorance (I still do everyday) as I was completely sold on the idea of having them in New Orleans as a benefit for the city. Their image in my mind is completely different now (hey I once thought it was a good idea to jump out of a perfectly good airplane too). A few misconceptions that may sell you on the idea for an increased presence of Guardian Angles in New Orleans, if you aren’t sold already (I know Andre’ appreciates them).

* they do not carry guns
* they work in numbers
* they are not outsiders – they are you and me (an outsider once) and have volunteered to help
* they should be welcomed by local law enforcement and vis-versa
* in essence, they are citizens on patrol with some training and are here for you
* they are a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3)
* they have opportunities for all, young, old, purple, green & gold to help them in some manner
* they are not looking to replace police officers, in other words, they don’t want law enforcement jobs
* they should be embraced & welcome by ALL local businesses & citizens for they are here to help us THEY ARE US!!!
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