Confession, I love U2 & Green Day (black eye-liner and all). The fact of the matter is, if my entertainment choices had to be on the same page as me – well, I couldn’t watch TV, movies or listen to music. Let’s face it, entertainers are that, purely entertainers. Many of them get swept up into the Hollywierd cult & spew stuff from their mouths that are equivalent to the stuff in my cat’s litter box. I applaud anyone trying to make a difference, especially when using their “star power” for good. But here is my question, can someone arise from not being an entertainer to actually getting in the limelight purely for the sake of spreading a positive message for a great city not looking for fame and fortune? What will become of this mom in Mandeville who seems to have more common sense and integrity than those in power or who think they can get on their pulpit of stardom and spew their crud? I leave you with a quote while I go insert the coffee IV and enjoy the outdoor sauna that awaits me today.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.”
~Dave Barry~

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