Oh gee, where is Dick Clarke when you need him? Do we need to have a ball drop each Katrina Anniversary? Since everyone and their grandmother who thinks they are somebody special will be in town, maybe good ole’ Dick can make a party out of it – New Orleans style. I can see it now, beads dropping from the sky (certainly not Zulu coconuts).

I already predicted that the politicians will all have a “plan” in their speeches this week, that claim they will do more than the loser they are competing against. “The man” will pay for it all until we stop and ask ourselves…. who is “the man?” D’oh- it is you and me the taxpayer. Calming down here with my first sample of Abita Fall Fest – deeeeelish! Anyhoo, what really gets my goat is that the positive aspects of the city and the rebuilding efforts will not – I repeat – will not be the focus of the media in town. Just like the War on Terror focuses on soldiers’ body counts and you never hear the good stuff – dang my blood pressure is rising (and if you want to read my take on the War go here for something that makes me sound like I know what I’m talking about).

Let’s dumb this week’s festivities down to a third grade level…politicians make promises that will momentarily sway you to believe they are sincere when in fact, they are not. This city is rebuilding and rebuilding takes time and our fearless leaders have sucked the life out of any sympathetic feelings the world has had for us. If we want to make this work – we, as a people within a 60 mile perimeter and more of the city, must change the focus from the “poor us” to the “what can we do for you, our guests, our employees, our businesses” attitude. While the world is staring through the microscope at us this week, we all need to stand up and wave and smile. We need the world to know we can fix the city ourselves and that we ARE open for business.

No, I don’t have rose colored glasses on, but the glasses of Abita, I mean optimism and hope. On my other blog, I spoke about the War on Terror being a war of wills (your second opportunity to read this fabulous post) and I tell you that New Orleans is no different. It is a war of wills, the will of the people and we need to kick some butt, lean on one another and forget “the man.” In the word of Rob Schneider, YOU CAN DO IT!!!”

Cox & Forkum cartoon taken borrowed from here.
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