Update: Watched it on the TV last night and stand by my preliminary review.

I fess, I watched the show on my puter from the NOLA.com local “watch this here” link. I also wrote about the show before my premier viewing. Let’s just say, it was pretty good. The characters are likable and some of the situations are based on things that could be real. Bottom line – this IS TV – HOLLYWIERD – you NEVER know what they will do in future episodes. It is still in pilot mode and I will watch the 1st episode on real TV tonight and then probably find my self watching it so I can write about it. It has to be pretty darn good to make me a fan – so the jury is still out. My opinion FWIW – watch it and remember it is a TV show – made for TV! Caveat – this advice is from this lady who watches Flavor of Love, The Girl’s Next Door, Sponge Bob, America’s Next Top Model & American Idol (I need my brain to shut off during waking hours sometimes). Also, as I still haven’t grasped the local vernacular or various accents – I will not be good at rating that portion. Member – I can better judge Good Will Hunting’s accents – because they are “a wicked lot like the one’s I grew up with.”

(c/p at NOLA.com)