* I did it – joined an evil health club once again in my life. Yep, officially signed my life away for 1 year to get this almost 40 (March isn’t far away) year old body back into tip-top shape. I’ll be at the pool when I’m there – don’t bother to look for me in the latex infested cardio room. Yes – the latex allergy has put a damper on a few things. But yippee – just bought my first pair of latex-free Speedo goggles. My eyes thank you very much Speedo! I do endorsements (hint hint).

* I will not be in Jena today – but am crossing my fingers and the dog’s paws that nothing goes wrong. There will undoubtedly be additional damage after the protesters leave (in people’s minds). Good luck little Jena!

* I will attend the Read for the Record Day at the Kids’ Connection playground in Mandeville. Hoping to meet up with one of the KMG readers there. For more info click here. It is for literacy – and IZ KAN RD VERY GD (for all you LOL cats and I can haz Chzbrgr fans)!

* LOVEBUGS MUST DIE. Maybe I’ll hold a contest and see who can kill the most Lovebugs in one hour. That ought to make a like.001% dent in the population.

* If anyone has children, used to be one or works with a youth group – Soldiers’ Angels started a new campaign – PENNIES FOR HEROES. The money raised will go towards the shipping of holiday packages. Or you can contact me at (985)807-4805 – heavy breathers and telemarketers needn’t call!

* My facebook Zombie is sucking wind!

* No kid – even your perfect little darling should be trusted on teh (not a typo -get with it grandma) internet. This is scary stuff!


(this very same post can also be read at NOLA.com– it is a good thing!)