While you were all at work or school on Thursday, yours truly was invited by reader Mena, to attend a daytime literacy event sponsored by the Junior League of Covington. The event is part of a National push for children’s literacy called Jumpstart’s Read for the Record. The event took place at the Kids Konnection playground in Mandeville. Waved in to park by prisoners in their stripeys (I love that LA does that), I parked the mommy van, without children on board. Yep, for once I attended a kid event without my own monsters running around (just kidding – they are great kids most the time)! What a delight to see pre-schoolers, moms with kids, elementary school kids, my pals Captain Jacque & Papillion out in full force during the day. There was no shortage of participation and thanks to the senior volunteers from Volunteer America for allowing me to feast on homemade chocolate chip cookies and Diet Coke! KUDOS to ALL involved – pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!