tn-3.jpgtn.jpg I was honored to be a guest along with Timeka Junius, the Program Manager (and Ya/Ya alumni) for YAYA Inc on Andre’s show a couple of weeks ago. She explained Ya/Ya on air and how they work with kids & young adults from New Orleans to nurture and promote their artistic talent.

After the show, I asked Timeka to show me their exhibits at the CAC (Contemporary Art Center). I was completely blown away – absolutely amazing stuff!!! We decided that I could help promote her program on my blog and in turn they would make some cards for Soldiers’ Angels. Deal!!! The artists are between the ages of 14-24 and the first artist I will highlight is one of their youngest who seems to have found his niche.

His name is Paul Wright and at 14 years old he has already showing New Orleans that he has an artistic future ahead of him. Paul is an 8th Grader at the Martin Luther Middle School in New Orleans. He has been with YA/YA for about 6 months and has already moved up to their apprentice level. Paul is a talented young artist with exceptional potential to excel above & beyond. Recently at YA/YA’s chair exhibit at the CAC, Paul sold a YA block, a chair, and was commissioned by a client to design another YA block.

If you would like to commission a work from Paul or any of their artists – do it today!!! Great Christmas Present idea!!!! To find out more about Young Aspirations/Young Artists- click here.
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