I took this picture in Covington this past weekend. What a freaking hoot the owner of this van must be! You didn’t think you weren’t going to get any humor today…did you?

While out and about this weekend I spoke to some “city folk.” You know, people who moved to the area post-Katrina and haven’t ventured out of of New Orleans. It ain’t like there is a shortage of things to do there, but yes Virginia, there is another side of Lake Pontchartrain and you don’t need a stinkin’ passport to cross it! We like to have fun up here too and eat and drink and have parades and holy guacamole…we are only divided by a little tiny 24 mile bridge. Looks like my pal at NOLA Notes even made it up North this past weekend for the Three Rivers Art Festival in Covington.

This amazing bird house was created by artist Joseph Hoppsand even comes with its’ very own fairy door! img_2380.JPG
My buddy Milena wanted this $1200 necklace & we both ogled at it …then slowly stepped away from the jewelry counter.
img_2379.JPGSomehow I kept getting drawn to all the shiny & brightly colored exhibits and yes, drool could be seen coming out the corner of my mouth! Listen “city folk,” feel free to leave the city and head North for the Renn Fest. You really can cross without a passport…just remember to fill your tank before you leave. Has anyone figured out why gas is cheaper on the South side of the Causeway?
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