Please join me and a couple of friends as we liveblog another episode of American Idol – will be fun!

Every once in a while I like to share with you just how readers end up on Kiss My Gumbo. Yes, “Big Brother” is watching you (also known as statcounter). Here is how it works, first off, I have a Google ranking of 4 – which is pretty good for a blog. If you type in pretty much anything Mandeville or New Orleans right now, you will eventually get me. Many things that I write about often come up on the front page of Google (the only one that really matters). Now, if you Google in a phrase or several “keywords,” the combination of the words will also make or break a Google search that lands on my page. Almost all small businesses or people I write about, talk radio, local artists, anything gumbo, real estate, Craigslist, parade, Mardi Gras, the Bacchus Ball, St Tammany, Orpheus or New Orleans with kids or family ends up here. But those are boring – here are the fun ones! These are real google searches that landed on my blog – I did not change the search phrase – but did add the comments – enjoy. And don’t worry, I report all the sicko pervo searches directly to the FBI!

bra genie – my neighbor Jeannie who has a business by that name and I endorse
kiss members where are they now – well Gene Simmons ain’t promoting them on family jewels
hello boob – oh dang, I have written about boobs too many times – LOL
mere boobs – wuh?
registered coonass sticker A long time ago I wrote about the word coonass (I had no idea what it meant)
tchefuncte pronunciation – I thought it sounded like a bad word
people kissing their boobs – is that kind of like a dog licking his…never mind
George Costanza dresses like he feels – lots of Seinfeld references in here
ikea louisiana – I keep writing about how I want one maybe my wish will come true.
abita beer – d’uh Love Abita!
Kaare pronunciation – that would be radio talk show host Kaare Johnson pronounced Kori
kiss my hey hey – sicko
butt paste beauty pageant – Boudreaux, where are you?
I kiss my husband’s feet – better you than me – ewwww.
big divorced boobs – many of them out there I assume
how do you say doberge – still don’t know but they are delicious

Well, I will end saying that I had about 20 new searches that will be reported to the FBI. I am actually meeting with a cyber-crimes agent today to brief him on blogging. Gah – there are too many sickos out there.

Have a great day, eat lots of King Cake and if you aren’t in the New Orleans area…you are missing sooooooooo much!