I should just end the post here…but that would be boring…right?? I wrote previously that we were “supposed” to go the Bacchus Ball, but hubby refused because of the Superbowl. I’ve decided against serving chicken wings in my ball gown (I just had it dry cleaned) as I am just excited as everyone else. Hubby and I were both born in raised in MA – so this is the game for us! My dad is staying with us and told me he could die after the Red Sox won the World Series, so you can betcha he will be screaming at the Patriots on the TV too! My boys, well d’uh one has a Brady jersey and the other a Bush. And of course, we all have the commercials to look forward to! Can’t wait!

Here is my menu for the game:
*sandwich platter from Saias
*cookie cake in Mardi Gras theme from Mandeville Bakery that has written in red and blue – Go Patriots
*soda and adult beverages
*my homemade salsa
*roasting poblano chili peppers (if I can find them) for chili con queso with monterey jack cheese (served in tortillas)
*kids are making pretzels and oreos dipped in Candi Quick
* cut up fruits and veggies

I can’t leave you without some nutty Greta humor:
1. This video has some adult sexual overtones – but safe to watch and some eye candy for the man or woman who likes Brady that way – funny (just get past the funny commercial)!!
2. Tom Brady from the Brady Bunch???

3. Really cute commercial for the whole family!