My 1st post from the day is here and the picture of me & the Jazzfest Queen Irma Thomas is here (bad picture of me). My Flickr photos are here. On to this post…

There is something about explaining the feeling of Jazzfest that I want to convey to you as a write – but feel it almost impossible. There is a feeling in your bones, in your blood when you hear the live music and are surrounded by tons of others who are enjoying it like you. There is something about seeing and speaking to a vendor who is thrilled to be there even if they know the skies are going to open and rain on them for the second day in a row. Jazzfest is just something you have to experience – it is something that touches your soul that you can’t put your finger on! Sorry – wish I could do it more justice in writing – but I can’t.

My day started by getting picked up by my dear friend from – Milena Merrill. My 11 yo old and I decided to brave the day – no matter what the weather. Milena chuckled at me because I was dressed like “Yankee LL Bean girl goes to Jazzfest” & she was in her typical California girl attire. I had my Sporto waterproof – ready for the mud boots, my LA shorts & t-shirt, my Gortex jacket, an LL Bean backpack & of course – my sunglasses (I would soooo die without them). I was ready for anything and even packed my pair of Tevas & Gortex pants – just in case. To stay true to my outdoorsy preparedness – I had my $, camera & incidentals in baggies (gave Milena a chuckle at least). Oh ya – and my tiara on top to complete the look (LOL). Sooooo not the glamour queen today!

We started with our pre-gate Bloody Mary from Liuzza’s. Then – off to explore! #1 son and I walked all over the place, heard tons of bands and talked to everyone in sight. We heard lots of great stories and the rain held off nicely. Just right temperature, humid, ominous skies – but we were dry and enjoying the day like it was never going to rain on us. We ate crawfish sacks, crabcakes & an eclair filled with chocolate -yum. On the way to the press tent – attempting my second publishing for the day- the skies finally dropped on us! 4 hours was enough for us and we headed out the gate looking like drowned rats! We stopped on someone’s porch – introduced ourselves and figured out which direction to head (I love that about New Orleans). Hubby picked us up on Esplanade and we left our dear friend Milena to work the rest of the day – hopefully keeping dry in the press tent.

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