Dear Princess of Positive,

Why do you do it? Why do you continue to write almost every day? How do you stay motivated to write when you only get $200 a month for your posts and you actually pay to host your own blog?

~Ramon – your hot fictitious pool boy~

Dear Ramon,

I first want to say that you are looking very good these days. Thanks for working so hard to make the pool crystal clear too! Well, I guess I’m hooked on writing, on sharing my thoughts, my experiences and my positive attitude (most days) with whoever will read it. I am honored that anyone takes time out of their busy day to stop and read my blog/post. I am honored that I have become part of the New Orleans community by being a blogger. I am honored that I can bring a smile to someone’s face. I am honored that people e-mail me to post events, topics or share a comment. I also hope (cross fingers) it launches me to something that pays – like a paid radio job or something else. Who knows – I’m game for anything!

Blogging is part of what I do, Ramon, paid or not. Blogging is part of my daily routine. Maybe it is an addiction (my name is Greta…hi Greta), but hey – if it is my worst vice – I can deal with it.

~Greta “The Princess of Positive” Perry~

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