Now that I have your attention. Guys – please stay for this post too!

This May is the first ever “Global Breast Cancer Early Detection Month.” It is initiated by the “Know Now Foundation.” Not sure if it is recognized by many, but who cares – nice initiative. Kind of nice that it falls in May which is the month for Mother’s Day and we have Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Keeps the whole idea of breast cancer, self exams and mammograms going all year long! Yes, I’ve had my boob squashed for my mammogram before and will be getting another one next week.

There is also a nifty way to help you do your exams now (I am not getting anything to promote this – just saying). I am, however, familiar with the product and have read a lot about it and talked to 2 women who sell it. It is a $35 investment and you can get yourself or someone you love this early detection Breast Chek Kit. It is a little pad you put over your breast which magnifies the tissue! It helps you do a better exam and will hopefully get all us lazy examiners (me included) more motivated to do our exams. Yes, these are the same people that started the awareness month, but who cares. And this is a neat company (no – I don’t sell their stuff & no I don’t do home sale stuff – stop asking me everyone) because The Know Now Foundation initiative is founded on the “pay it forward” philosophy. Now I need to get my dead-behind off the couch and order me and my mom one of these kits! Then I need to go bug all my girlfriends to go get a mammogram. Priorities ladies!!! You are no good to your family if you aren’t here. No excuses – and don’t give me the “mammograms are dangerous excuse” (you know who you are). Undetected breast cancer is waaaay more dangerous than a silly ole’ mammogram. Heck, getting bit my a mosquito in Mandeville is more dangerous than a mammogram!

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