My family has been couch shopping for over a month now. We’ve looked at everything from the Mercedes of couches to the Geo Metro (which is now in high demand – who woulda thunk?). I could spend $15K for something I put my butt on or $3,000 (leather sectional prices). But, if I buy a cheap couch like the last one that is now in the playroom – I only get so much mileage out of it. It might tear or start sagging and Chulo the Stupor Dog’s groove may become permanent. How important is the focal point of my entire renovated living room and the place where my family and friends will spend quality time? Never mind style, and personal comfort choices for each of the 5 bears (only Mama & Papa Bear really get a say- but don’t tell the Baby Bears that). Ooooohhhhh…then the enticement of never having to pay a penny for a gazillion years and suddenly the pricier couch doesn’t sound that bad.

Where is Greta going with this post? Glad you asked.

Well, unless you live in a bubble without media, you know our Louisiana legislators want more money and everyone and their Grandmother is immediately reacting with the, “This is insane,” “What have you done for us lately to justify this big pay boost?” reaction. Especially because Louisiana has… a “few” problems, so to speak. Then again, is there a perfect state? NOT! There is also outrage about Bobby Jindal saying he won’t Veto it. I heard callers on the radio say they would never campaign for him again if he didn’t Veto this. Again – knee jerk.

The Princess of Positive (yours truly), would like to take the opposite path on this one. Ya know, play a little devil’s advocate and say, maybe these positions are grossly underpaid and possibly we need to pay them more. Calm yourself down if you are one of those people who has got themselves all in a tizzy because they saw a Mercedes next to an article about this. I’m not saying I don’t think they might be asking for a little too much. I’m just saying that maybe if we paid our public servants better, we might get more from that $10K leather sectional public servant. Trying to be positive and look at the bright side of things here.

I do love seeing so many Louisianans passionate about this pay raise, whether they agree or disagree. It shows how much they care about their state! Louisiana rocks!!!

I second the motion and vote yes on a 300% raise for me! Meeting adjourned!

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