Great little article in the T-P about Saturday radio shows at WIST!! This Saturday my show will not air due to a Zephyrs game. But the following Saturday June 21st – I’ll be back!

The new WIST Saturday lineup, effective July 5:

8-9 a.m. – “Handel on the Law.”

9-11 a.m. – “All Over Food.”

11 a.m.-1 p.m. – “Ray Brandt Sports Saturday with Eric Asher and Kaare Johnson.”

1-2 p.m. – “The Canon Hospice Health Hour.”

2-3 p.m. – “The Straight Pour” hosted by Paul and Ann Tunnerman.

3-4 p.m. – “Kiss My Gumbo the Radio Show” with Greta Perry.

4-5 p.m. – “The Errol Laborde Show presented by New Orleans Magazine.”