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New weekly Kiss My Gumbo feature – “Community Watch.” Woot Woot and the crowd goes wiiiiiiillllllddddd! Ya see, I can be a responsible blogger too *giggle snort* and highlight some stuff that I think you ought to know about. Of course – if you don’t give me suggestions, my little brain will shut down and the stuff I come up with will be limited. This is where you chime in and e-mail me (gretaperry@gmail.com) about community programs you think I should write about (hint hint). As soon as I get a bunch together – I’ll write about them (fair enough). Some on the list below were from a community roundtable I attended this week- very cool!

***Soldiers’ Angels: This week I have been very busy Angeling. We are getting ready to launch our big campaign in which we would like to have a patriotic lap blanket for each of the 500 Veteran residents in VA facilities across Louisiana. If you sew, knit, crochet, can tie a knot or can buy a blanket and want to help in any way – let me know!

***Prevention with Pride: My son just got home from 4 days at camp. He can’t stop talking about it. Take a group of kids who are at a very impressionable age, teach them positive things (The Princess – me- loves that), give them some tools for dealing with peer pressure, and teach them about staying drug free and not drinking until they turn 21 and you have the perfect formula for success!

*** Abita Springs: They are already underway with a gorgeous community built playground with volunteer help throughout the weekend! They need your physical and monetary help – so head up to their trailhead and go lend a hand or contact abitaparks@gmail.com

*** Green Light New Orleans: Andi Hoffman is doing some “bright” (I made a funny) and innovative stuff with this project. A team of volunteers goes into a house and replaces the lightbulbs with energy efficient ones for FREE! A sense of community, free bulbs and going green…what a win win situation. Of course – they need funding, volunteers and continue to take a list a people wanting the bulbs…so check them out!

Kids ReThink New Orleans Schoo
: Take a group of kids, empower them to solve a community problem and see what happens!!!

***The Sula Foundation: Their goal is to educate people about pit bulls and rescue them. You gotta admit this poor breed get a bad rap and not all of it is deserved!

***This Saturday from 10-3 Dillard University is hosting a HUGE community housing fair. Every resource in the world for buying and repairing houses will be in one spot at the same time! Don’t miss it!

***Lakeview Civic Improvement Association: They are doing great stuff! Their green spaces have been a priority and they have 52% occupation. Cool thing – West Point cadets have been coming down to help them! Go Army!

Louisiana SPCA: Who doesn’t love puppies & kitties?? They have a bunch of events coming up – even Zephyrs games you can attend with your pooch. Too bad Chulo the Stupor Dog doesn’t behave well in public!

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