Since WIST moved to the French Quarter, let’s just say, I am making the best of a good situation. My show isn’t until 3:00 on Saturdays, so taking advantage of having to be there is becoming very fulfilling to me. Turning off Canal Street, something indescribable happens, an invigorating feeling starts running through my veins (you all know what I mean). A person could be in the worst mood in the world and the pulse of the FQ could erase it in a matter of seconds (esp. during the weekends). The locals, the tourists, the street performers, the bands, the artists, they all make it what we love it to be.

Today’s adventure, started by meeting some out of town friends at the Napoleon House for lunch, we then poked around Royal Street, stopped by Pat O’s to listen to the piano playing divas for a bit, then we parted ways and I headed to the studio. I did a ton of walking today as the car was parked nowhere near any of my destinations (kind of on purpose).

Having walked in cities throughout Europe and throughout the United States, this little section of the world is the place that makes me feel like no other – the way I want to feel. It is like a magnet and I am a piece of metal drawn to it. I am glad to have a date with the FQ each week!

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