First off, make sure you don’t miss my “Presidential” post (safe for work)!

Let’s talk resumes. There are a gazillion ways to do one and things have certainly changed from 14 years ago when the only concern was shopping for good paper and making sure it didn’t look strange or have any typos!

A month ago my friend e-mailed me a job description that had my name written all over it. I contacted the company and they asked for my resume – immediately! I explained to them that I had been a SAHM for 12 years and I didn’t have a current resume. So yes, I threw together the most pitiful 10 minute resume you have never seen! I got a phone interview, so maybe they were able to see past the train wreck resume a little bit.

Next I had an unrelated job interview, then something else came up and guess what…they all wanted a resume! I love organizing houses, blogging, being on the radio (I want more than an hour a week soooo bad), and volunteering my time for Soldiers’ Angels…but. I’ve given myself until the kids go back to school (August 8th – yikes) to see if there is anything else out there for me. Otherwise, will steamroll ahead with the organizing business.

Anyhoo, it felt weird to get everything I have done that has mostly NOT earned money over the past 12 years on to one page. It pretty much took my entire Sunday (with tons of kids swimming and playing here) to finish it. The internet is awesome because I had several “eyes” give me great suggestions too.

Ya- I remember hearing many times, “always keep your resume updated.” Guess 8 moves in 16 years and 3 kids – tends to be distracting – LOL!!!