Hey all – did you miss me? I know blogging was very light while I was on vacation, but it was a much needed break. Today will be spent tending to the law, pool and laundry – the joy of coming home from vacation!

***My 14th wedding anniversary is today!!! WOW!!! I love my hubby more than the day I married him too – freaking amazing!

***Destin was a superb vacation destination. We had 4 condos (21 people) that opened up to a pool, were in walking distance from the beach, the mall and the movie theater. The rugmonsters also enjoyed some freedom and independence from adults during the trip by tagging along with older cousins. This was not a vacation with pool boys waiting on me with umbrella drinks, but a good old fashioned family vacation.

***Sea life did not cooperate with us the entire time in Destin. The first day, we were covered in algae, but stayed in the water. The next day the algae was gone, but the jellyfish came in! UGH! Depending on the tides, the jellyfish got thicker and thinner. The kids still went in the water and some were braver than others. They did enjoy catching the little buggers and building “jellyfish aquariums” on the beach!

***We drove home from the beach and I rushed out the door for my radio show. I interviewed Harold Clarke and John Preble. The show went well and it certainly is becoming more natural to be on air. However, I am going to change the format up a little bit to include current events and maybe even some politics – yikes!

***Tomorrow my parents come for a week! I’m not mentioning them buying a house here again. Every time they come, they want to move here. Then they return home and change their mind. UGH! We’ll see this time.

***School starts August 8th! Gotta go buy school supplies this week.