When does a person decide that they will become dishonest? Were they walking a fine line from their childhood? Did that person occasionally stick the pack of gum at the checkout line in their pocket? Did that person cheat a little at board games as a kid? Did they glance at the test next to theirs and feel no guilt or shame? Is there that one defining moment when there were a couple of apples hanging in the “Garden” and that person thinks, “I’m going to take both of those…because I can?” Or do they think, “I’m going to get myself as many of those that I can and make sure only my friends and family will get some too?” Or is there a moment when that person thinks, “Hey, everyone around me is grabbing them, so why shouldn’t I?”

Yes, I’m talking about Louisiana. We are inundated with shameful stories every day on the front page of the Times-Picayune about thievery and corruption. Never mind the horrible crime and murder rates (like that ain’t bad enough). Why do we continue to allow public officials to shoot themselves in OUR FOOT??? When is enough enough? Why do people accept these shameful behaviors as “just the way it is.”

Maybe I’m just a social moron, because at 40, I still like to think that most people are good and honest. I have spent my adult life surrounded by upstanding and outstanding military personnel and their families. I can’t think of one of them who stepped off the moral train. Maybe surrounding myself with this type of “character” has strengthened my belief that people are good and honest? Not a bad thing I suppose. Well…I am the “Princess of Positive.” I don’t want to know about the temptation people are faced with because they are in a political position or a position of power. I expect them to resist temptation because, well…because I expect them to. I want to believe that people have a moral compass that stays on track.

Excuses, don’t want to hear it! Mistakes, that are owned up to before they are publicly outed, I can forgive. But like I continue to tell my children, “IT ISN’T WHAT YOU DO WHEN SOMEONE IS LOOKING, IT IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING THAT DEFINES YOU!!!”

I refuse to recalibrate my moral compass and I won’t give anyone else a pass either. Please clone the Inspector General, Bob Cerasoli and place him everywhere – then maybe people will think twice before doing the wrong thing! Ethics reform…take me away!!!!

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