Yes, my name is Greta (respond – “hi Greta”) and I hang out on the forums (Mandeville to be exact). I was actually describing the forums to a friend and had her on the floor laughing. Why? Because of all the code names. Ya, I’m out there as “kissmygumbo” and I link back to my homepage and my e-mail. 99.9% of people on the forums are anonymous. Describing the city council meeting to my friend and how people were whispering their screen names in my ear “I’m Deadnutria78” or “You know me as screen name crafwishinmypants” serious but funny at the same time. Anyhoo, it brought some serious laughing between the 2 of us.

All silliness aside (big awwww), forums are a wonderful place to exchange information, local tips, and just allow yourself freedom of expression. Well…last night, I was once again called a “carpetbagger” and it made me laugh. So I responded with “Carpetbagger bwahahaha” thank for the laugh, you made my day. Now I can’t log in anymore – I guess someone thought it was a bad word. Yes, it is derogatory, but not something I need to call the ACLU in for and I was called it and was not calling another person one. The moderator has been all over the Mandeville forum lately and deleting every other thing written. So I decided to do the live blog today because everyone can let it all hang out here. I’m the moderator – power from my keyboard. I hope everyone shows up! It will be fun!

***This post will also appear on since I freelance blog for them. Maybe that “in” will get me my screen name power restored – not.” Doesn’t “who you know” mean anything around here – LOL!?