I confess to lacking any instincts when it comes to reading people. My husband on the other hand, is usually right on the money. Over the years, my poor lack of judgment and maybe my internal belief or hope that all people are good has got me burned many times over. Thank goodness I have the memory of Chulo the Stupor Dog. You know what I talking about – leave the house for 5 minutes and he thinks you have been gone a week.

This week on my radio show (Saturday 3-4 on AM 690 WIST), my guest will be Kristina Powell, who reads faces and handwriting for a living. She focuses on offering services that helps people make better dating choices by learning her techniques. I am a little skeptical and certainly not trying to date anyone, but maybe there is something to this field? Heck – we have criminal profilers.

So here is where the fun begins, you send me a picture or handwriting sample of you or someone else and she will tell you about it on air. Definitely throwing in a few local politicians for fun! I’ll throw in my handwriting too. I was always told I should be a doctor – lol.

Send your pictures or handwriting samples to gretaperry@gmail.com

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