Being called, “fertile groundd for harvesting of headlines,” is not something that the City of Mandeville wants to be known for. This excerpt from today’s T-P story by Lolie Eric Elie:

The city of Mandeville has been an unusually fertile ground for the harvesting of headlines recently. First, Mayor Eddie Price was caught driving his city-owned vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Then the officers who failed to treat him as they would have treated any other drunk driver were fired for that failure.

Then the legislative officer found a laundry list of improprieties related to how charitable donations were spent.

Now Mandeville city attorney David Cressy immediately went to a bar and ordered a glass of wine after he and his city-owned vehicle were involved in a collision. Cressy’s quick-witted decision to drink alcohol right after that crash makes it difficult for investigators to determine whether he’d been under the influence of alcohol before the crash.