I apologize for using my blog to pimp my business. But hey – a girl has to make a buck!

Now that you are all settled down from Gustav, time to get organized. I personally know 2 of the best (& least expensive) Professional Organizers in town (hint hint). That would be…yours truly, and my business partner Leaf. This Mess is a House can help you become more productive and/or at least make more “happy” places in your home or office. We work with what you have (we don’t sell you junk) and help troubled areas “make sense” and “work for you.”

We work like 2 tasmanian devils to get the work done! For just $50 and hour – you get the both of us and you will be amazed at how fast we can whip through an area!

We are professionals and everything we do is completely confidential!!!

Oh ya – and we make a great gift.