We have this Russian Blue pound cat named “Blue.” I know – what an original name. He looks similar to the dumpster cats hanging around Semolina’s in Mandevillle. Damn cat through a wrench in my weekend!

Blue is your stereotypical aloof cat. He is an indoor cat as are all 4 of them (not crazy cat lady – crazy cat hubby). When Blue closes his month, his teeth hang over. I can often be overheard saying, “Quit grinning at me Blue.” With 4 cats, you can imagine we have lots of kitty “accidents” around here. No matter who did it, Blue gets the blame from me (I’m mean). Until recently, I was ready to take him “for a long drive in the Country.” He may have been getting some blame he didn’t deserve. He spends some time on each of the kid’s beds each night – so they love him. To me, Blue is one of those cats I just feed and look after.

Anyhoo, Princess Whinalot turned 8 on Sunday. I made the mistake of letting her have a sleepover the night before her party. I want to bed and tucked them in at 11 (be patient – this is part of the story). I woke up to giggling at 1:30 and a wide open door – UGH! I scolded the girls, let hubby sleep and started my search for Blue outside with a flashlight (found the other 3 cats). I saw him several times but Chulo the Stupor Dog ran out and scared him off. So I went to bed.

The day of the birthday party, I was up early searching for Blue once again. Once the kids got wind of him being gone – it was non-stop BLUE OBSESSION!!! I had a list of party chores and everyone was looking for the stupid cat with the cheshire grin! The party went off without a hitch, but the boys were often seen ducking out searching for the cat. There were several sightings throughout the day but no successes in the capture. I swear the cat was just toying with us for his own amusement!

I was exhausted after the party (a huge success as the kids swam the whole time and the rain held out until 15 minutes after the party ended). When the rain came down down – the kids freaked out even more. I just wanted to go to bed but nooooooo off to find Blue some more. No luck (lots of cursing under my breath) and I sent everyone to bed. The next morning I finally got some sleep and hubby screamed at 5:30 in the morning for me to get up. There was another Blue spotting on the patio. I walked outside and he finally came to me and he wasn’t even damp. Grrrrr!

The kids were thrilled to have him back when they woke up. I was still ready to take him for a long drive in the Country!!!!