Headlines to make you laugh!! Locally we have an eye stabber and a 4 foot sword attacking loon – they will probably make Fark too.

(Kansas.com) Amusing
A condom mobile carrying 5,000 condoms, 800 HIV tests and a 23-foot inflatable prophylactic goes missing. The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile hopes it’s found in time for its big date Friday night

(Hot Air) Unlikely
Cynthia McKinney, Green Party presidential candidate and seriously deranged nutbar, passes along claim that the military killed 5,000 prisoners after Hurricane Katrina

(Frederick News Post) Followup
Lawsuit: Doctor stapled my rectum shut. Verdict: Shutup, asshole

(BBC) Amusing
Russian solider makes a rap video complaining of conditions in his barracks. The response? He gets “exiled” to a base on Russia’s far east coast. On the plus side, maybe he can see Sarah Palin from there

(Washington Times) Obvious
Nancy Pelosi paid her husband’s real estate company with her PAC funds, a practice she voted to ban last year

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