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Update: Jim Bailey will be on air as well – this will be fun!!! Also found out Tommy is one of the owners of OZ. I’d love a gay following! NOBODY gets my tiara – it’s mine!!

I have a fun and MOST ECLECTIC packed hour planned. My first guest will be Tommy Elias, from Elias Productions, who helped bring in the great entertainer Jim Bailey, a female impersonator. Jim will be performing at Harrah’s, New Orleans, October 25th and 26th with his show called “Jim Bailey is Judy Garland…Live.”

The second half of the show I will take on politics “GRETA STYLE.” I don’t even really want to give it all away, but I will have 2 guests (Yatpundit and a political passionate Mom for Mandeville), each who supports a different candidate and an egg timer. Should be a blast.

Yes – I updated this post several times – sue me! Cross posted at Hooah Wife.

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