Last night I was completely blown away watching the show Jim Bailey is Judy Garland at Harrah’s in New Orleans. The show was so amazing that I wished I could have run out in the streets of New Orleans to tell everyone to come in the theater and enjoy this experience with me. I was disappointed the theater wasn’t filled, so if you missed it – you HAVE TO GO TONIGHT!!!!! This man has a gift and after 2 minutes, you get the eerie (in a good way) feeling that Judy has taken over this man’s body and that Judy Garland is really in the room!!!!

Show: Jim Bailey is Judy Garland
Place: Harrah’s New Orleans
Date: Sunday October 26th
Time: 9:00-10:30 PM
Tickets: can be purchased at the door or here

My friend Stephanie and I had the most amazing time and we were honored to hang out with this 4 time Vegas Performer of the Year in his dressing room. He is a genuine sweetheart! If you want to hear the most amazing interview I had with Jim on air, where he talks about his experiences with Judy Garland and Liza Minelli – click here. Just ignore the 1st few minutes with technical difficulties.

Tell me all about the show after you see it!

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