Last night, some New Orleans virtual friends, met each other in real life (the stars must have been aligned properly). I’ve met many of my on-line friends over the years and it never disappoints me, but confirms that virtual and real life can collide successfully! Lucky’s in New Orleans was the destination for this Tweetup & Farker party. My friend Milena (who is a web geek in her own way, but not on Fark or Twitter) went with me and we had a blast!!! A Twitter friend of mine Christin, who I met for the 1st time that morning as she was a guest on my radio show, organized this event with Lucky’s. There were other patrons there as well, who were scratching their heads all night, wondering what the heck Fark or Twitter was all about (bwahaha) . People were going around the room asking, “Are you a Farker or a Twitterer?” The introductions were freaking hysterical as everyone introduced themselves by their on-line names “I’m @kissmygumbo, nice to meet you @nolanotes.” No, I’m not a total Farker, thanks for asking (but I do read it every day on my iGoogle page). I felt like the @ symbol dangled over my head all night!

The roundup of Twitterers in attendance were (will update when I get additional names): @Im_x1, @nolanotes, @BSIcomics, @crosswordgrl, @blatherings, @mmmleisa, @s0ni, @stacey0821

Many thanks to Lucky’s @luckysnola for hosting this party. Also, a very special thank you to a wonderful lady who helped put this all together @Im_x1 on Twitter or X1’s here on Fark.

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