***Contest: Hurry up and get your entries in for the “Stupidest Christmas Item Contest.” I’ll announce the winner on air during my radio show.

***My readers: I’m loving my most generous readers who all are “Angels” in my book! Thank you! Yes, you can still help out a St Tammany military family in need – e-mail or call me gretaperry@gmail.com (985)807-4805

***Radio Show – fashion and etiquette edition: Saturday AM 690 WIST 9-10 AM central time. My first guest will be Stephanie Hirsh, owner of Prima Donna’s Closet and super fashion guru. We’ll talk fashion for both men and women, proper New Orleans attire, Christmas and what will be hot for Mardi Gras. My second guest will be LaMiskey Dillon, owner of The Success Academy Inc.
We will be talking about holiday etiquette, maneuvering holiday functions, re-gifting and so much more. This will be a fun show.

***Noooooo – it can’t be time for Christmas Vacation. I’m in denial.

***Rad about my day at the VA facility here (yes I have multiple blogs).

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