Not me sillies – but my 13 yo niece. Aunt Greta is more into text than ever – but whoa – nowhere close. You see, this is a new generation of communicators. For those a little more set in their ways like myself, going over to the text side has had a bit of a learning curve. The iPhone makes texting much easier than my old phone but I’m still pretty slow. And drinking and texting – that should be the new DWI test because it is freaking impossible. If you don’t text these days, let me give you a few advantages reasons to jump on the text bandwagon:

1. You are at a conference or meeting and want to talk to someone. Using the phone isn’t a good idea, but text works great in these situations.

2. Lots of people don’t answer their cell phone during the day but will read your texts.

3. Babysitters answer texts!!! The only way I get a hold of them!

4. Everyone will think you are soooo hip!

Text talk:Here is a great reference for text talk.
Emotions: Here you can find smiley and emotions.
Internet slang translator: Here is the internet slang translator I keep on my desktop.