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Posted by kissmygumbo on 01/01/09 at 10:19AM

What is truly sad is that this is the 5th Police Officer to lose his job with the name “Eddie Price” tied to their loss. Are we all forgetting about the 4 cops from the “Causeway incident” that are also without jobs in 2009?

The City Council is spineless when it comes to the Mayor and used Buell as a scapegoat to take some of the heat off. Unfortunately, it has worked. They will never take a vote of “no confidence” for Mayor Price nor will they put their names on a petition to recall him (which they can do as tax-paying citizens).

How quickly people want to look the other way and forget the real problem in Mandeville – the corruption and entitlement way of doing business.”Business as usual” is not OK.

I anxiously await for the legal system to expose the rest of the corruption and hope that all parties involved are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There can’t be 2 sets of laws in the world.

Mandeville is a wonderful place to live.

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