My dear friend Toby always warns me to be careful what I wish for. We spoke about my hopes for Operation Overseas Mardi Gras to catch on like wildfire this year. Not only would the success of this project be a huge morale booster to the recipients of the pacakges, but that it would motivate people to find out more about Soldiers’ Angels and become active participants. Guess what? The plan has worked!!!!

This effort was launched on January 1st and for a while there, people and the press were not picking it up because they were focused on the elections. Letting these men and women down this year was not an option. There were a lot of behind the scene angels contacting the press and putting up fliers (many still are) around their towns. After all, nothing this large scale is done by an individual, in fact, this project has become a success due to a “Team of Angels” who stand “Wingtip to Wingtip.” An angel is someone who “does.” They all have different ways of “doing,” but they all help complete the mission. Many of my friends and readers are also wonderful angels and a huge wing flap goes out to you too.

There will be continuous press coverage taking place all over the state of Louisiana within the next week. There are people of all ages proudly packing boxes as far away as Germany because they heard what we are doing and they also love Mardi Gras. Let’s just hope that in years to come that Operation Overseas Mardi Gras becomes a Louisiana tradition! I am glad that I wished for success! Now go tell everyone you know to get more packages out!

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