I received this e-mail today from my friend, Michelle Boudreaux. She gave me permission to share.

Hey Everyone,

Attached is a flyer for an event that some local high school kids have put together to benefit Mary-Payton Vigil. A group of girls decided that they did not want a sweet sixteen party this year, one even turned down a car offered to her by her parents, instead they wanted their parents to help them throw a fundraiser to help Mary Payton. It is amazing to watch the selflessness I have seen in these kids. It’s hard for us, as adults, to put our own needs and wants aside and to see these children work so diligently to make a difference is truly so special and something I am asking your help in acknowledging.

These kids have been amazing! They range in age from 15-18, schools include SSA, Fontainebleau High, Fontainebleau Jr., Mandeville High, St. Paul’s and I’m sure more I’m forgetting. Over the last several months, they have sold 3000 of the silicon Miracles Can Happen Bracelets and raised over $5000 for the foundation. The have formed a Facebook page for MP and the foundation. One of these pages has over 1700 members!!

The event on Friday is going to raise money for Mary Payton specifically, not the foundation. The kids want to purchase a special physical therapy bike for her that costs about $4500. Tickets to get into the parking lot are $10, T-shirts are $15 (adult and kid sizes are available). I have both of these items (they told me I had to sell 100 of each!! ) If you can’t attend, please help us by spreading the word.

You hear all kinds of negative things that kids, especially teen age kids, are doing these days. And there is SOO much they could be doing. I feel it is so important to show these kids who are doing something so wonderful that we are watching!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Below is the flier.

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