Yesterday, I was invited to sample a complimentary buffet at Harrah’s in New Orleans. Not a “foodie” like many in attendance, I still ate and enjoyed. They recently lowered the price of their M-F lunch buffet to $9.99 – I can barely get out of Quiznos for that! Making the most of the invite, I ate my normal weekly caloric intake in one sitting. This buffet is not your typical as is nothing in New Orleans when it comes to food. Why? Because good dining opportunities are a dime a dozen here. The food was delish and constantly being kept up to meet the demands of the diners. Yes, they even had many local flavor dishes created by Chef Hoyce Oatis. Everyone was raving about the prime rib (I don’t do red meat or chicken), but the blackened catfish and crawfish potatoes were amazing as was everything I ate….and the desserts – yum! You can’t beat $9.99 with a stick to please all palates in your party. This will now be one of my recommendations to tourists who are looking for an inexpensive place to eat local flavor! My only complaint is that the rugmonsters can’t dine there (you have to be 21) grrrr….

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